Chugach Management Services, Inc Senior Configuration Management Analyst in CHESAPEAKE, Virginia

Summary/General Description of Job:

Provide configuration management support to the U.S. Coast Guard Command and Control Engineering Center (C3CEN) Portsmouth, VA. The Configuration Management Specialist will provide support for customer developed systems as they transition to sustainment/operations and maintenance.

Essential Duties & Job Functions:

  • Provide planning, identification, improvement, change control, configuration status accounting, and configuration audits.

  • Plan, identify and maintain original and current configuration of requirements documentation, design documentation, software and related documentation.

  • Regulate change process so that only approved and validated changes are incorporated into product documents and related software.

  • Identify and manage change to system-related products, which will be accomplished by establishing baselines and maintaining established baselines.

  • Provide visibility into the configuration status of the evolving System to include hardware, licenses, COTS/GOTS software, applications software, documentation and the processes used in creating the system.

  • Recommend change management criteria for Configuration Control to include required lifecycle logistic documentation as applicable to the product, i.e. installation plans, user manuals, logistic plans, engineering drawings, independent validation & verification certification, and training plans.

  • Identify and select software/hardware licenses, considered eligible Configuration Items (CIs), to be brought into the CM lifecycle.

  • Establish an enterprise recording scheme to document a record of software revisions, hardware/software licenses, locations, expiration and cost of Government procured licenses.

  • Provide assistance to the Government in analyzing business processes, developing and monitoring metrics for process improvement, establishing CM policies and procedures and ensuring defined CM policies and procedures are followed

  • Participate in meetings and provide support to the Configuration Control Board (CCB) and/or the Local Configuration Control Board (LCCB) for the approval or disapproval of proposed system changes based on defined CM policies.

  • Manage a repository of system artifacts placed under CM to include operational configuration system artifacts, such as those delivered to the Government from the software developer.

  • Audit established procedures to (1) record, by capturing events and data points concerning the software product, and (2) provide traceability between configuration baselines and changes to the baseline.

  • Establish CSA data reporting to provide the means for communicating program status information to all team members, the customer and auditors. These reports should be based on information contained in the CM data management repositories.

  • Provide preparation of system version description documents (SVDs) and system design documents (SDDs) to accompany each software release. Historical and all future SVDs shall be used to establish a system traceability matrix to match contents of each software configuration item to any given delivered system release.

  • Monitor and ensure CM schedule compliance become for final software builds and installations.

  • Make adjustments to the CM established processes and documentation, as required.

  • Support quality assurance process audits.

  • Maintain the configuration management library to include adding, deleting, maintaining and updating records relating to the document and technical library.

  • Itemize in a coherent, retrievable order all items in the CM library to include books, technical manuals, software, drawings, records of equipment baselines, and other pertinent CM-related documents designated by the Government.

  • Maintain a record of all hardware, software to include location, expiration dates of maintenance agreements and licenses and associated cost

Accountable For:

  • The candidate will provide onsite configuration management support for the USCG IOC/WK system. The candidate is expected to be skilled in all facets of configuration management and must be able to work independently and in a team environment.


  • Secret Clearance

  • Expertise in Software Configuration Management (SCM) tools to specifically manage, organize, and maintain software code base.

  • Skills required include:

  • Administration of Git (an open source distributed version control and source code management system)

  • Understanding of software development and agile release methodologies

  • Understanding of how version control integrates with testing and requirement tools to support configuration management processes.

  • Expertise in document management using Microsoft SharePoint. Skills required are administration of SharePoint group and libraries, manipulation of web parts and lists, web design, and management of documents and document metadata.


  • Experience with supporting DHS/DOD systems in a Configuration Management role

  • B.S in information technology or information systems or related technical program.

Title: Senior Configuration Management Analyst

Location: Virginia-CHESAPEAKE

Requisition ID: VA0100206